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After infringement of patent invalid application decision, my company to ningbo court litigation tort lawsuit of zhoushan's x x machinery co., LTD has issued the judgment, the judgment against defendant of zhoushan x machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Immediately stop the infringement of the plaintiff han-min wu (I) legal representative of the patent number for ZL200510118915.3, name for "subdivided conical twin-screw extruder," the invention of the behavior of patent right, namely, to immediately stop manufacturing, selling, promised sales fall into the plaintiff han-min wu enjoy the invention patent protection range of extrusion machine products.

Our company solemnly declares once again: 1. No enterprise or individual is allowed to produce and operate the conical twin screw extruder without our company's permission. 2. The use of products not authorized by our company in accordance with the law is also an infringement, and we will also bear the legal responsibility. Please select authentic products to avoid economic and legal risks. 3, the protection of the patent law since the date of filing, now on the market "to a higher rotating conical twin-screw" related the application for a patent for utility model of average daily in my company after a patent for invention, so are invalid patent. Hereby declare!

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